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Introducing the new HQ Moxie- only $4,995

Handi Quilter puts out some great videos for any aspiring quilter here Handi Quilter Webinars.  There are a variety of topics to choose from but one that has recently caught our interest is the September edition which includes free motion quilting over a chalk grid.  This video is inspiration for all quilters!  The grid gives you size and structure but vanishes to leave a beautiful hand crafted look.  Check it out below.

We often hear the hardest thing about quilting is not the technical stuff but “what design should I use?”  Pantos seem easy because we don’t have to “freehand” it.  Handi Quilter has come up with a great way to practice new motifs.   Minute Motifs are a quick way to practice a new design to gain some confidence and maybe give you a new idea or two!

We have some options for you to come see and test drive in the store!

HQ Amara with Pro Stitcher on Studio II Frame
HQ Simply Sixteen on 5′ Frame
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